How does a “Team” work compared with a solo runner?
Pretty simple, you run as a unit rather than as an individual. You DO NOT have to be a corporate company to have a team. You get to pick a creative team name, anything from “Fast & Furious Business Analysts” to Gwinnett Medical Center Team 5″. You then get to run/walk together (you do NOT have to stay together).

How do I get a discount?
The Corporate Teams registration option receive $5 discount per runner- but you must have 10+ runners to receive the discount. Teams pay and register for all 10+ runners upfront at the discounted rate.

Is there a “Relay” component to running as a team?
No. You just register together and run. Some teams stay together for the entire run (water-cooler talk as they walk) and some separate as they run the course. Both options are OK with us.

Can we make our own custom shirts that we wear for the run with a team name on them?
Absolutely! Be as creative as you like.

What is the best way to CREATE a team during the registration process?
First the team captain needs to register under the category “team registration”, CREATE the team during the registration process, and pay for themselves. Once that is done, the rest of the team members can go register:

A – Register and pay for themselves. When registering, select “Join a team”, search for the team name, and select the correct team. This option will allow each runner to have a link on their registration email to transfer their registration to someone else if for some reason they decide not to participate. It will also allow the individual to edit and make changes to their personal information on their registration form.


B – Register all the remaining team members and pay in one transaction. This option will only allow the first runner to transfer their registration. All other runners registered in this one transaction will have to email to make a transfer.

*Pricing is per person…..not per team.
*Please make sure you tell your team members EXACTLY how you are spelling and spacing your team name.

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