Why Start A Running Club In Your Organization?

Why Start A Running Club In Your Organization?

The Many Benefits Of Running For Your Organization

While efforts to create healthy workplaces generally focus on safety, programs that support employees’ choosing healthier behaviors — being more physically active or adopting a better diet, for example — are less common alternatives to corporate wellness.

More and more companies and organizations are beginning to see the importance of corporate wellness. Starting a running club in your organization can help your organization yield significant returns.

In a 2010 study published in the Harvard Business Review titled “What’s the Hard Return on Employee Wellness Programs?”, some of the many significant returns of promoting corporate wellness are reduced days lost to sickness, lower workers’ compensation insurance premiums and higher rates of employee retention.

While one may think the benefits of running are only physical, running can boost confidence, relieve stress and help eliminate depression.

One great example of an organization who is promoting corporate wellness with a running club is Gwinnett Medical Center’s Duluth campus running team. The team, which participates in about one 5K per month, includes runners of various levels, ranging from some in their 20s all the way up to 65. Members also span all occupations at the medical center, from ICU and ER nurses to physicians, administrators and telecom techs.

By starting the club, Gwinnett Medical Center- Duluth hoped to create awareness about their location ranking as the number one sports medicine program in the state, and offer employees a way to improve their health and have fun. The team was recently recognized in an article by the Gwinnett Daily Post as they raced for a good cause.

The benefits of starting a corporate running club are easy to be seen.  Companies can reap benefits such as lower health costs, greater worker productivity and improved morale.

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