Five Reasons Why Your Company Should Participate in the Button Down Dash

Five Reasons Why Your Company Should Participate in the Button Down Dash

By: Jack Bruce, BIS Benefits


August the 2nd is the date of the third annual running of the Button Down Dash, the premier corporate race and health event in Gwinnett County. This year’s event will include a Fun Run, 5K, the ever-popular Diaper Dash and the return of the 10K race.

If you are looking for added reasons to join Gwinnett’s leading employers in participating in this year’s event, here are five tantalizing motivations:

  1. To demonstrate you care about your employees and their health. Employers across the country are embracing employee wellness, realizing that beyond ROI, lower costs of healthcare and increased productivity, there is a basic motivation to care for their team members. By participating in the Button Down Dash you express to your employees “We care for you and want you to be healthy.”
  2. To encourage employee health. Physically fit employees are more likely to show up at work, be engaged at work and use fewer healthcare dollars than their unfit coworkers. Therefore, an effective business strategy can be to encourage employees to be more health-conscious.  Many employees give testimony to how participating in a race for the first time was the tipping point in beginning a journey toward personal health and exercise. The Button Down Dash could be the trigger to get employees off the couch and return to regular physical activity, or begin a new habit of physical fitness. It’s a win-win for employer and employee.
  3. To retain and attract the best talent. Don’t forget to post the photo of your team at the Button Down Dash on the webpage where job candidates go to look for career opportunities in your company. When prospective candidates view your website or job board and see your participation in employer sponsored health activities and events they experience the warm fuzzies you want them to feel about your company. Employee wellness programming shouts we are 21st century and we care about our team. And don’t forget, employees who are looking for healthy workplaces are more likely to be healthy too!
  4. To enhance your employer brand. It’s not just job candidates who notice your commitment to employee wellness, but also vendors, clients, customers and business partners. And when your employees show up to the Button Down Dash wearing their matching corporate-branding shirts, community business leaders take note. Furthermore, your participation in the event gives you the opportunity to share the good things happening in your organization.
  5. To Network, network, and network. There is just something about running shorts, t-shirts and bodies drenched in the sweat of the August morning sun that breaks down the barriers often found in the typical networking event. The Button Down Dash is an excellent opportunity to connect with business leaders, existing partners and potential new customers.

Now you have five more reasons to join the growing list of Gwinnett employers participating in the 2014 Button Down Dash. Check out the rest of the website to learn more and sign-up. We look forward to seeing you and your team on August 2!


Jack W. Bruce, Jr., SPHR is the Chief Operating Office for BIS Benefits, one of Atlanta’s Healthiest Employers. He speaks on employee wellness and shares best practices in employee wellness in his blog. Jack, his wife Julie, and their children have resided in Lawrenceville since 1999.