5 Reasons to Run

5 Reasons to Run

Can’t get motivated about fitness? Signing up for a 5K race is the perfect way for you to stay accountable and get your rear in gear to a healthier lifestyle. 

You might have every intent to get up and get a morning workout in before your 8AM meeting, but it’s much easier to succumb to the comforts of your cushy pillow and hit the snooze button instead. Sometimes it takes a little motivation and accountability to put that plan into action.  Signing up for a race gives you a deadline that you must train for, and a 5K is a easy way for beginners to ease in the race world.  No excuse to be lazy on the couch after a long day at the office because you’ve got a “presentation” to give on August 11th at the Button Down Dash!  If you are teetering on the idea of signing up for our AWESOME race, check out these five reasons from to run a 5K!!

1-Ease & Convenience:  Most of you are busy, and training time is precious. Therefore, it’s really tough to find the time to tackle a 1/2 or marathon. But a 5K race is about 3.1 miles. Even if the last time you ran a few laps was in gym class, this realistic race to train for it a few days a week. By committing to train only three days a week, starting seven weeks before the race, you can get in shape to complete your 5K. Check out The Couch-to-5K ® Running Plan

The day of the race- You park your car, check-in and get your race number, do a few warm up butt kicks and then race for 40 minutes maximum, cool down by walking through the vendor booths, check out the snacks, and head home in your new race T-shirt before your family has finished breakfast… or better yet, bring the kids with you!!

2-Wonderful Workout: Running can burn up to 700 calories per hour. Get your heart rate up, relieve the stress of the office and get your glutes and abs in shape.

3-Get Going and Stay Going: Once set a schedule to get you in shape; you’ll find the motivation you need to exercise on a daily basis. Scheduling a daily meeting with yourself and the road will keep you motivated and focused when you could otherwise make excuses.

4-Speed Racer: Because a 5K is a relatively shorter race, runners find that they can really tap into their adrenaline. Even if you trained at a very slow pace (nothing wrong with that!) chances are that the excitements of race day will  get your veins pumping and keep you going. It’s an intoxicating combination of endorphins and accomplishment that will keep you glowing past the finish line – and it might just give you the extra boost you need to keep running, and sign up for your next 5K!

5-Help Others, Help Yourself: You’ll be helping your mind, body and community.  The Button Down Dash is giving back a portion of the proceeds to local charity: Children’s Healthcare of Atlanta, Dream House for Medically Fragile Children and Gwinnett Medical Center Foundation.  Hey- it’s for the kids- so get moving!

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